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#25 - Using immediately invoked function expression

2016-01-25 by @rishantagarwal

Called as “Iffy” ( IIFE - immediately invoked function expression) is an anonymous function expression that is immediately invoked and has some important uses in Javascript.

(function() {
 // Do something​

It is an anonymous function expression that is immediately invoked, and it has some particularly important uses in JavaScript.

The pair of parenthesis surrounding the anonymous function turns the anonymous function into a function expression or variable expression. So instead of a simple anonymous function in the global scope, or wherever it was defined, we now have an unnamed function expression.

Similarly, we can even create a named, immediately invoked function expression:

(someNamedFunction = function(msg) {
	console.log(msg || "Nothing for today !!")
	}) (); // Output --> Nothing for today !!​
someNamedFunction("Javascript rocks !!"); // Output --> Javascript rocks !!
someNamedFunction(); // Output --> Nothing for today !!​

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